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The family history related data that can be found using the CJHN's Genealogy Search page is primarily drawn from archival documents. It complements the type of information found on traditional genealogy websites. With the exception of the JIAS records, all the information available about the named individuals in this database is visible directly in the record seen online. To access this information, click on a highlighted name to enter the Full Record view.
The CJHN Family History database currently includes information extracted from:

  • Jewish Colonization Association individual farm settler reports from Western Canada and Quebec (1906-1951)
    All of these records include a scanned form describing each individual farming family at various points in time.
  • Yiddish obituaries from the Keneder Adler (1908-1932)
    The entire text of the obituaries from this Montreal-based daily newspaper have been translated and indexed here.
  • Hebrew Sick Benefit Association of Montreal membership listings from 1897-1945
    These records contain complete transcriptions from the membership books, translated from Yiddish.
  • Canadian Jewish Casualties in the Canadian Armed Forces
    These listings include servicemen who died while serving in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. In addition to the date of death and place of burial, these records often include additional details such as war stories and photographs.
  • Saint  John, New Brunswick Jewish Residents, Businesses, Burials & Obituaries
    Compiled by the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum, this rich resource draws on over 180 years of listings, including burials information dating back to 1873, hundreds of full text obituaries, detailed photographs of tombstones, and business and residential directory details about all the known Jewish residents of this Eastern Canadian city from 1863-1999.
  • Jewish Immigrant Aid Services client name lists from 1922-1952
    The JIAS listings are the only records in this database which do not present all the available data online. Access to this information is restricted to the persons named in the file or, if deceased, their direct descendants. The archival records associated with these listings can contain a single index card to more than a dozen pages. Fees for copying and delivery apply; payment can be made to the CJCCC National Archives via Paypal or Canadian funds cheque.
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Note: As information about individuals and families can also be found in the archival records database, we recommend that you try your search there as well. Both databases can be searched at the same time by using the Keyword Search bar located in the blue bar at the top of every page.

Our sponsors:

This genealogical records database was made possible thanks to the generous support of Penny Rubinoff. The Yiddish-English translation of the HSBA membership records was funded by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal. The translation of the Keneder Adler Obituary data was funded jointly by the Jewish Genealogical Societies of Ottawa and Montreal. The addition of the Saint John New Brunswick information was made possible by funding from the Alexander Dworkin Foundation for Jewish Archives.

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