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Date Range 1950? - 2008.
Description Level Fonds
Collection JEWISH WOMEN INTERNATIONAL OF CANADA = JWIC : formerly B'nai Brith Women.
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Fonds No. I0097
Physical Description Env. 1.5 metres of textual records. - 11 videos. - 2 compact discs (CD-ROM). - Env. 374 photographs. - Env. 49 artefacts.
History/Biographical Jewish Women International is the name of the former B'nai Brith Women. The head office of JWIC Canada is in Toronto, and the Montreal office has been sending copies of all its minutes, publications and other documents to the head office. B'nai Brith of Canada was established in 1875, disbanded by 1900 and re-established in 1909. The Montreal women's lodge was first founded in [1939]. Its spheres of interest are Canada and Israel, but it provides non-sectarian aid to those who need it. B'nai Brith Women's services include youth and adult Jewish education programs, human rights activism, community service, assistance to Israel, programs for the disadvantaged and the handicapped, and public affairs.
Custodial History The collection was donated by Tzipie Freedman, JWIC regional director, on June 11, 2009.
Scope & Content Approximately 1.5 m. of documents loose and in decorated albums, 11 videos of activities and conferences, 2 mini promotional CDs, a folder containing 374 photos, numerous artifacts, including 32 historical figure dolls with explanatory scripts. Numerous textiles: 11 large appliquéd banners for the various Montreal chapters* and for B'nai Brith Women in general, also 2 smaller podium banners for BB and JWIC (previous logo.) One large textile wall hanging with embroidered signatures. The document part of the collection includes 3 framed charters, 5 mostly framed letters with notable signatures (Jeanne Sauvé, Brian Mulroney, Chalom Schirman, B. Rainville) nine large scrapbook albums, including one from a Sephardic chapter, made of varnished wood with photos, one from 1955-1966 including clippings and other documents, one with an embroidered cover, one with a pillow-like textile cover, one with a half bagel stuck to a page as a display item (bagel may have to be removed.) Numerous lapel pins, at least one example of each type. 3 or 4 glass paperweight plaques (for Soviet Jewry work, from Israel Bonds, etc.). Assorted publications, minutes, flyers, mostly post-2000, also one handwritten older minute book (1970s?). (*Dedication chapter banner not sent for donation by JWIC because too damaged.)
Notes P09/13.Documents women's activities and the evolution of B'nai Brith Women/Jewish Women International's focus. The organization is now concerned primarily with the prevention of violence against women.
Repository Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives

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