The archival repositories that make up the Canadian Jewish Heritage Network are open and accessible to the communities they serve.

Learning through primary resources can provide researchers of all types with a rare glimpse into the past; a way of examining the building blocks of history through their own perspectives.  For students, it can provide excellent information literacy opportunities as they push their understanding of authenticity, reliability and critical analysis.  For non-academic researchers, accessing archives can open a whole new world!

  • Elementary/High School - Our archives can provide your students with a hands-on heritage experience, making history fun.
  • College/University - Orientation sessions designed for your class will help your students gain primary research skills.
  • Organizations/Service Clubs - Are you looking for an interesting lecture or presentation for your next meeting?  Consider looking at history through real archival evidence!

For an archival experience at a distance, we offer Teaching Aids that can be used in a classroom or discussion group setting.

To find out how our archives can provide different learning experiences tailored for your group; contact the CJHN education coordinator, Jessica Zimmerman.

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