Judith Oberman and family


Yehudit and Morris Oberman were known as fervent Zionists who dedicated their life to working on behalf of Israel.Yehudit Oberman née Braslavsky (1901-2000), came from a very unusual family. The father, mother, and five children emigrated from Ukraine to the Holy Land in 1905, when Yehudit was four years old. The family settled first in Ramla, a then-Arab village halfway between Jaffa and Jerusalem, where the father ran an inn for about two years, before moving the family to Jaffa.Yehudit later married Morris Oberman and came to Montreal. Her sister Miriam went to Paris, while  the three remaining siblings stayed in Israel for the rest of their lives. One of Yehudit's brothers was Yosef Braslavi (1896-1972), the pioneer geographer of the Land of Israel who wrote the first guidebook to the country after walking its length and breadth. His six-volume work, Hayadata et Ha'aretz? (translation: "Do you know the country?"), is still in print today. Her other brother, Moshe (1902-1961), was also a writer who wrote extensively on the labour movement in Israel.

The Oberman collection contains diaries written by Judith Oberman, detailing her Zionist involvement and concerns in Canada, as well as more than 500 letters written in Hebrew by Yosef Braslavi to his sister, spanning 50 years and covering all the main events of world and Jewish history of the time.

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